Case Studies

Case Studies

We would like to build a rich portfolio of case studies of projects from around the MENA region. If you have a case study you would like to share, please contact us.

A GIS-AHP combination for the sites assessment of large-scale CSP plants with dry and wet cooling systems. Case study: Eastern Morocco

In this paper, the suitability of the Eastern region of Morocco to host large-scale Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plants was assessed by combining Geographic Information System (GIS) and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). Download the Case Study here.

Case study on policy reforms to promote renewable energy in Morocco

Being the largest energy importer in North Africa, Morocco is faced with the challenging task of meeting rising local energy demand while keeping its import bill under control. Download the case study here.

Masdar 10 MW Power plant, Abu Dhabi

At its connection, this was the largest Grid-Connected Solar Farm in the Middle East. Download the case study here.

Performance Evaluation of CdTe PV Modules under Natural Outdoor Conditions in Kuwait

This case study considers the unique issue of PV module performance in the harsh middle east conditions. Download the case study here.

Shams 1 Solar Power Project Financing Shines A Light On Renewable Energy In The Gulf

Standard & Poor’s credit analyst Karim Nassif discusses why they think renewable energy will grow in the GCC region, based on an analysis of the transaction of Shams 1 Solar Power Project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Download the case study here.