First Solar

First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems using advanced module and system technology. Through determined innovation, it has achieved a significant milestone by delivering solar energy that is an economically attractive alternative to fossil-fuel sourced electricity. From module sales through turnkey power plant development and operations and maintenance, First Solar is a reliable, world-class partner for clean, renewable energy generation.

High-Efficiency Technology with a Proven Energy Advantage

As a field-proven technology, First Solar’s high-efficiency modules offer a clear energy yield advantage over silicon-based modules by delivering competitive ef ciency, higher real-world energy yield and long-term reliability. Proven to deliver up to 7.5% more usable energy per nameplate watt than competing technologies, and a record of reliable plant performance, First Solar technology delivers more energy, more consistently, over the lifetime of the power plant.

Profitable Growth and Stability

With over 17GW of modules sold today, First Solar has a demonstrated history of nancial stability and manufacturing success. As a project partner, it brings extensive expertise into how today’s PV power plants are developed, nanced, designed, constructed and operated to maximize profitability for our customers and strategic partners.

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