Precision Industries

Precision Industries (PI) is a Dubai based UAE company founded in 2005 to provide energy solutions to the UAE, GCC, Middle East and Africa. Although PI is basically a Power Diesel Generator, in January 2017 a Unit for Renewable Energy was establishing to develop and provide innovative solutions for Energy Efficiency and Solar Solution.

To develop these products, a strong Research and Development (R&D) Unit was established in PI, led by world recognized innovators. The newly developed products include

  • Solar Thermal Cooling with thermal night storage utilizing a PI patented adsorption chiller,
  • Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power (CCHP) in which the waste heat from the engine is used to generate free cooling hence increasing the total efficiency of the generator to around 80%; and
  • An innovative PV-Diesel Hybrid System.

In addition to this, PI can provide turn-key solution for PV roof tops, industrial steam generation by concentrated solar systems, tri-generation for electricity, cooling, and water desalination using CSP technologies, along with solar water heating systems for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

PI is a member of Mohammed Ben Rashid Est. for SME Development.

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