The Research Council of Oman

The establishment of TRC is, without doubt, a significant step in the scientific, economic and social development of Oman. Research is essential to nation building – it underpins progress, economic growth and prosperity; it helps Oman better equip and train its workforce and encourages creativity and innovation; it leads to greater entrepreneurship and helps industry growth. In short, research makes Oman more competitive in the global economy.

TRC has developed a National Research Strategy for Oman which is linked to the Sultanate’s overall development plans and, like them, has the clear goal and vision of improving all aspects of life in Oman. It sets up a system that is responsive to national and international needs; fosters innovation and scientific excellence; and makes a positive contribution to society.

The main themes of the strategy are: building greater research capacity; achieving research excellence in fields of national importance; creating a supportive environment for research; disseminating knowledge and utilizing academic research.

The strategy has three stages. The first builds research capacity by improving the current status of research and thereby boosting its productivity and efficiency. During this stage Oman will also investigate the problems researchers face, and provide funding to research proposals that meet Oman’s strategic goals.

The second stage is when Oman will build national research capacity in priority research areas. This includes making sure Oman have appropriately qualified personnel and setting up the infrastructure required for research and innovation.

The third stage focuses on Oman’s research and development strengths. With these goals in mind, the National Research Strategy includes a variety of programs and initiatives designed to ensure their success.

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