New Energy Vehicles Club

To support the transition of the automotive industry towards green mobility and the recent initiatives taking places in the UAE, the Clean Transportation Working Group (CTWG) has been created under the umbrella of the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) at the initiative of ENGIE, an energy company, charging station manufacturer and board member of the CEBC.

While the initial focus of the club will be on electric vehicles, it will eventually branch out into other areas relating to new and clean energies.

The creation of the club was announced on the occasion of a webinar on green mobility welcoming 400 participants including regional and global stakeholders from the public and private sectors.

Throughout 2018 and beyond, the CTWG will put in place a working programme to support the growth of the EV market and raise awareness about the electric vehicle industry, as well as interacting with key stakeholders to establish partnerships and collaborations.


The role of the CTWG is to function as an electric vehicle and clean energy industry representative, connecting private sector players to relevant stakeholders in order to support the development of the electric vehicle market. Founding members of the club include key international and local companies involved in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Work will start in the UAE with a goal to expand activities across the MENA region.


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