CEBC Schools – Announcing the Winner of our Under the Sea Recyclable Waste Competition!

CEBC Schools Programme

3 April 2018 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Clean Energy Business Council UAE National Schools Environmental Protection Programme (CEBC Schools Programme), in association with Platinum Competition Sponsor Imdaad, is proud to announce the winners of its second Recyclable Waste Competition.

Rates of waste output in the UAE are high, and the UAE’s landfills contain a large percentage of materials that could be recycled. This has led to the Government of the UAE taking a more proactive approach to recycling, including the introduction of a zero waste to landfill strategy, and the opening of several new recycling centres in the UAE. The Government of the UAE is also looking at waste to energy projects where energy (such as electricity or heat) is generated from the incineration of waste. Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department compiled the Dubai Integrated Waste Management Master Plan in 2012 with an aim to reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfills to zero in 20 years by using an integrated and innovative approach.

At the CEBC Schools Programme, we want our youngest students to think about the waste we create in everyday life, and how we can recycle goods or minimise our impact on the environment. This competition challenged students in the UAE to produce a seascape constructed entirely from recyclable materials. This competition was created to promote recycling and reuse of materials, emphasizing creativity and innovation. Our goal was to raise public awareness and support of educational programming regarding recycling, reducing, and reusing of materials.

We had over 120 teachers and students take part in our competition, competing in teams of up to twenty. We would like to thank all of our entrants for their amazing creations, which you can view on the CEBC Schools website. Along with Imdaad, the CEBC is proud to announce that our grand prize winners are the Kindergarten Starters. The Kindergarten Starters have won a trip to the Green Planet for twenty students and two teachers, where they will learn about environmental sustainability and conservation in a rainforest setting.

We would also like to announce that Al Diyafah High School have won an Highly Commended prize for their entry, which raised awareness of a specific eco-issue – the plights of sharks worldwide and our need to protect them. Al Diyafah High School will receive a range of eco-goods from our bronze competition sponsor, the Green Ecostore.

Imdaad, our Platinum competition sponsor, know the importance of waste management and recycling. As a leading provider of integrated facilities and environment solutions in the Gulf Cooperation Council, they have chosen to sponsor our completion as a part of their Be’ati Programme. This programme highlights the importance of a sustainable environment to schoolchildren. Bea’ti, which means ‘My Environment,’ is Imdaad’s flagship corporate social responsibility initiative that started in 2009. It seeks to inform young children about the environment and the importance of segregation and recycling of waste to make them active partners in the campaign to preserve it for the future generations.

CEBC Chairman, Dr. Nasser Saidi, supports our drive to educate and engage our future renewable energy leaders. “We are proud to partner with Imdaad on this competition, and thank them for their kind sponsorship and support. Ensuring sustainability, including waste to energy, is critical for the countries of our region that are highly vulnerable to the risks of climate change, from rising temperatures to the growing scarcity of water resources,” said Dr. Nasser Saidi. “We need to encourage young minds to take up the cause of sustainability, nudge and provide them with incentives to put their natural creativity and ingenuity to develop new ideas and technologies to mitigate the risks of climate change.”

We would also like to thank the Green Eco-store for their kind sponsorship of our Highly Commended prize. 

The CEBC Schools Programme is free of charge for schools and students, and is funded by sponsors and CEBC members. The programme provides opportunities for learners to attend workshops and seminars by industry experts, participate in Ambassador field trips and to network with dedicated and motivated students from other local schools. Schools are able to join the programme at any time. In 2018, we have 25 schools registered for the programme, encompassing over 60,000 learners.

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