UAE Cleantech Association Announces National Schools Renewable Energy Program

Clean Energy Business Council

2 April 2014 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

UAE based regional cleantech organization the Middle East Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) announced in April the nationwide launch of its Environmental Awareness Program across UAE schools. The Program is a national initiative aimed at educating students and the general public through children, their families and communities about energy efficiency measures and the role renewable energy technologies can play in helping to create a sustainable future for the UAE.

Twenty five schools from across the Emirates registered for the program with 50 senior students aged between 12 and 16 years elected to represent their school as part of an Environment and Clean Energy Ambassadors Leadership Team, with the purpose to inspire students to adopt energy efficiency measures within their school community, and to position them as future leaders in sustainability.

Laura Birkinshaw-Miller, Associate at international law firm Ashurst said “The Environmental Awareness Program is a fantastic initiative to raise awareness about renewables. As a founding member of CEBC, Ashurst is delighted to be involved in this programme and to see such passion for sustainability and clean energy from the younger generation who have a vested interest in the future.”

Members of the Leadership group held their inaugural meeting on the 21st of April, supported by the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi who hosted the group and conducted a series of educational seminars and workshops designed to highlight the importance of technology development and the use for renewable energy for a brighter future. The students also received an exclusive viewing of the Institute’s internationally renowned Solar Powered car, which represented the UAE in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge in January.

Sarah Fitzgerald, Communications Director for the Clean Energy Business Council commented “CEBC sees education and knowledge sharing as fundamental to the longevity of the clean and renewable energy sectors, and it is essential that energy efficiency and environmental education is introduced at a young age. The School Ambassadors program empowers youngsters to lead the change towards creating a sustainable future”.