4th International Off-Grid Lighting Conference & Exhibition

The international off-grid lighting conference and trade fair was born in 2007 and since this time, the event has grown concurrently with the industry it supports. This event remains the centerpiece of the international off-grid lighting community’s efforts to chart the business-driven route to improved energy access for people lacking access to reliable, grid-based electricity. With commercial product sales of quality products increasing over 150% per year, the industry is exploding with new product innovations, improving service and affordability and rapidly evolving business models enabling millions of people to climb the energy access ladder at unprecedented rates. The 4th of these Conferences will be held in Dubai and it promises to be the largest to date, attracting a range of industry players and financial service providers. The latest Market Trends Report will be presented and attendees will share market lessons and build partnerships to power the next stage of this industry evolution. Read more