Breakfast Briefing: Bringing Distributed Generation of Renewable Energy to MENA

This event will explore the evolving role of distributed generation of renewable energy in the MENA region and its associated challenges.

Distributed generation is defined in the UAE as decentralized, non-utility scale, and renewable. In the context of the UAE, this generation is derived primarily via solar PV systems.

The potential in the Middle East for distributed energy is vast due to the country’s high levels of solar irradiance. In addition, the market for this technology is quickly becoming much more attractive, with regional governments establishing frameworks for allowing distributed energy to be fed into their grids. With a net metering framework forthcoming, it will soon make financial as well as environmental sense for residential and commercial end users to install solar PV systems.

Moreover, distributed generation is also highly cost effective for off-grid facilities, which are often powered expensively with diesel generators.

Through special guest presentations and an open forum, the event will address the financial, logistic, and environmental ramifications of deploying distributed generation in the Middle East, a new and wide open market.