CSP Focus MENA Conference

Based in North Africa, Morocco is a small country but a giant in CSP. Unlike other MENA countries that possess plentiful resources, 95% energy needs to be imported from other countries—a critical national security problem and a large spending for Moroccan government. In order to achieve less relying on energy importation, the government is accelerating its renewable energy target, saying 42% electricity will be produced from renewables by 2020, and more than half by 2030. Currently, the world’s biggest NOOR Ouarzazate Solar Complex has witnessed the rapid development of CSP in this country. NOORo I project, a 160 MW PT plant was in operational successfully last year, another 200 MW PT plant—NOORo II—and a 150 MW Solar Tower plant—NOORo III—are under construction, both are expected to be commissioning next year. Besides, NOOR Midelt, a hybrid solar PV and CSP complex is under development, it is said that at least 150 MW CSP will be deployed for each project.