Global EVRT Road Trip

Our Electric Vehicle Road Trip – EVRT – an epic journey into future mobility! We put you behind the wheel of the latest EV technology for the ultimate clean-tech adventure. Gain a deep understanding of electric vehicles as we explore beautiful landscapes, visit sights of sustainability interest and make time for fun and relaxation along the way!

Along the road we showcase our vehicles in new cities, deliver insightful EV industry events and build charging station infrastructure; ensuring impact has been made to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

The road trip will run for nine days across the UAE and OMAN (18-26 January 2018) and ANYONE can join! You can get behind the wheel with us for the full nine day adventure or one of two stages (five days per stage).

Along the way we will be opening new charging stations, visiting sights of sustainability interest, and enjoying adventure and relaxation activities – whilst putting our exceptional electric vehicles to the test as we journey through the most beautiful landscapes of this region.

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