Green Sukuk and Financing Sustainable Energy Solutions in MENA

Dubai is discussing the option of launching a Green Sukuk (Islamic bond) to help fund some of its renewable energy plans.   The financing of renewable energy projects is seen as an issue because banks are often nervous about funding such initiatives.  It has resulted in organizations seeking more innovative ways to fund renewable energy developments. Clean Energy Business Council has been working with Dubai Ministries to promote a green sukuk as a new way of financing clean energy projects, and this interactive seminar will discuss sustainable energy financing in MENA, and new ways of thinking about finance and capital.


Taher Diab, Director Strategy & Planning/Secretary General EEA, Supreme Council of Energy

Lee Irvine, Senior Associate, Latham & Watkins

Martin Haupts, Managing Director, Phanes Group

Moderator: Jeremy Crane, Chief Operating Officer, Adenium Capital