How to Harness the Immense Electric Vehicle (EV) Opportunity

Leading industry analysts believe that Electric Vehicles (EVs) with ranges from 200km to 500km on a charge will have the same up-front costs to buy in 2025 as combustion engine vehicles. This is a game changer for the automotive industry and the global economics of oil, merging this huge market into the electricity realm, slowly but surely.

This global shift represents a huge opportunity for the electricity market – and especially renewables, since it is important that clean energy fuel Electric Vehicles. But challenges remain to understand what is the size of the opportunity, how the market will develop and also as importantly, who will own the fleets of vehicles.

In this webinar leading industry experts analyse in detail the challenges that creating and adapting infrastructure to this new reality will entail. It will focus on new business models arising, opportunities for distributed energy and the creating of a marketplace of buyers and sellers of energy.


  • Be ready for the change – Understand the status, technology and future projections of the EV industry, including timelines, and understand the significance of this global – and local – shift
  • Consider how the main EV related industries will be experimenting with change, from energy and automotive to infrastructure, construction, urbanism, architecture and many more
  • Analyse how global trends such as the sharing economy and driverless personal mobility will impact the electric vehicle growth and ownership
  • Evaluate what are the opportunities along the whole electricity value chain and how to adapt your business model in stages for what is to come

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