International Green Environment & Energy Expo & Forum

Renewable energy bears the potential to become Palestine’s natural wealth. As a first step towards achieving this ambitious target, the Palestinian Authority has approved a national plan to reach 10% power generation from renewable sources by 2020. This in return will open new doors and will widen the horizons for the renewable energy industry and technology to develop rapidly and excel in Palestine.

The International Green Environment & Energy Expo and Forum seeks to pave the road and facilitate further advancement for the renewable energy and green environment industry and investments in the country, and follows the success of the IGEE 2015.

The exhibition takes place from 25-27 September 2016 offering new opportunities for the different companies and factories that work in supplying and marketing for the electrical home appliance, electronics, their products and many other services in the Palestinian market that the expo targets.

This event provides a unique platform to develop business relationships, close sale deals and network with investors, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, EPC’s, financial institutions, legal and other industry stakeholders. The forum will also feature workshops and lectures from local, regional and international companies, scholars, industry experts, researchers and scientists. The conference will address issues relating to the energy and environment sectors including renewable energy potential and sustainable solutions for renewable energy in Palestine, success stories, case studies and research papers along with financing renewable energy projects.

Join high level government officials, leading international and local organisations, global and regional experts, investors, consultants and key industry stakeholders for this exciting event.