Leaders in Energy Reform Summit

The biggest challenge governments in MEA region will face in the coming decade is meeting the growing power demand.

2016 has ushered in a new and unprecedented period for the region’s power sector with new lower priced oil era putting pressure on government accounts and renewable energy emerging as cost competitive with conventional fossil fuels. Improving efficiency and increasing the role of private investment will be critical to the reform and success of the region’s power sector.

MEED Leaders in Energy Reform Summit taking place on 2 November 2016 under the patronage of DEWA, is a strategic initiative bringing together key decision makers from MEA’s utilities, regulators, developers, investors and solution providers charged with meeting the region’s power needs in the new economic environment.

With over 15 government utilities represented from 9 countries across MEA, the summit will outline critical action points on how they plan to meet the region’s power needs through policy reform, diversification, increased efficiency and privatisation.

CEBC Members will receive a 25% discount on registration fees.

To register directly with the MEED team, contact Marissa:

Marissa Bautista De Guzman

T: +971 (0)4 818 0200

E: Marissa.bautista@meed.com