Live interviews: Energy Leaders – the human behind the decision-maker – Christopher Johnson, Head of Innovation of American Electric Power

What do you really know about the people that lead your industry? You probably know your own leader, maybe you have even spoken to a few of them. Maybe you also know of a few extra names. But do you know as much about leaders in your own industry as you know about of leaders in technology or economics? Probably not. ATA Insights wants to change that.

We believe that to get a better understanding of your own industry, your own career and your choices, it is essential that you are familiar with the amazing individuals that are part of it. How they got to their positions? What are they curious about? What do they do day to day? What inspires them? And what’s their best career and life advice?

These live interviews with energy leaders are designed to show you get to know the human behind the decision maker, to give you a glimpse of what the big job is about and to inspire you in your own career and life.

  • Thu Jun 7th –  live interview with Paddy Padmanathan, CEO of ACWA Power
  • Tue Jun 12th – live interview with Sonja Chirico Indrebø, Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Statoil
  • Thu Jun 21st –  live interview with Christopher Johnson, Head of Innovation of American Electric Power
  • Thu Jun 28th – live interview with Bikesh Ogra President & CEO, Renewable & Energy Storage Business of Sterling and Wilson

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