MENA Investment Exchange: Energy

Held under the Chatham House rule, MENA Investment Exchange: Energy (MIX: Energy) will bring together investors, developers, financiers, policy-makers and analysts for a frank discussion of the Middle East and North Africa region’s diversified gas-to-power (GTP) and renewable energy (RE) industries. Co-produced by CbI’s African Energy and Gulf States News (GSN), and held under the Chatham House Rule, the MIX: Energy agenda will focus on:

  • Renewable energy development in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Changing patterns of gas supply for GTP projects including domestic production outlook and gas/LNG imports.
  • Innovative financial structures, commercial returns, entry and exit strategies.
  • Where the region stands in the climate debate.
  • Who to work with in the diverse MENA area.
  • Key markets, including, Algeria, Dubai, Egypt, GCC, Iran, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia.
  • The region’s political exposure in a time of stress.

The agenda includes a Hardball roundtable on the afternoon of day two that will provide an open discussion of governance issues, personal and institutional politics, and the capacity of governments to deliver on projects. Read More