OABC Renewable Energy Series: Local Content Providers in Solar PV IPP Supply Chains

Hosted by the Oman American Business Center 

In association with Shams Global Solutions (SGS) and Dii Desert Energy (Dii) 

Supported by Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL), and the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA)


The Oman American Business Center (OABC) would like to formally invite potential stakeholders to participate in an In-Country Value (ICV) Networking Event for developers, financiers, contractors, manufacturers, distributors, project management firms, consultants, large enterprises, Local Community Providers (LCCs), and SMEs that could benefit from being a part of the supply-chain related to implementation of current and future solar PV IPP Projects in Oman.

  1. Provide local and international companies from various sectors a better understanding of the Sultanate’s Policy towards Renewable Energy and its forecasted commitments along a time horizon (e.g. 2025, 2040).
  1. Provide an opportunity for participants to learn of Oman’s methodology for running solar PV IPP projects as presented by OPWP in its role as the sole procurer of power in Oman and by PDO as a prominent corporate presence in Oman in the self-supply generation market.
  1. Provide interested solar PV IPP developers a better awareness and understanding of local content providers and Local Community Companies (LCC) in Oman, highlighting successful ICV (in-country value) examples.
  1. Provide a forum for networking between local and international stakeholders (e.g. developers, EPCs, suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, IT, training) and all relevant entities with a commercial interest in current and future solar PV IPP projects in Oman.


    The OABC, will host the event at the Hormuz Grand Hotel in Muscat, Oman (Near Bank Muscat HQ), on March 13th, 2018. The event will take place in the morning from 08:30 – 14:30, including the net-working lunch.

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