Oman Energy & Water Exhibition & Conference 2018

Demand for power in Oman is expected to grow by almost 10 per cent per year until 2019, while the Sultanate’s annual growth rate for desalinated water will be 13 per cent by 2021.

While the Sultanate of has could use petro-dollars to accelerate robust development of its economy over recent years, its economic progress is now poised to outdo its resources, posing complex questions about how best to diversify its energy mix, while ensuring energy security. There is no doubt Oman faces major energy challenges in the coming decades as conventional fossil fuel resources decrease and its young population continues to grow rapidly.

These challenges leave the economy grappling about the long-term viability of the economy and the best energy sources and strategies to meet its needs and drive economic growth. Should Oman follow clean coal, renewable resources? How important is research and development and utilizing new technologies and solutions, analyzing the effects of frittering subsidies?

Now in its second successful year, Oman Energy & Water Conference has continued to build a great reputation as an important meeting place for energy and water professionals from government, regulators and businesses across the Sultanate who are making differences in the world of water and energy. The conference will bring together energy and water industry professionals tasked with managing and generating energy and building resilience and sustainability into their businesses.

Join leading managers, engineers, researchers, government agencies/utilities, industry representatives, and other top experts from across the region to network and exchange the latest findings and case studies on the water-energy nexus. You will find Oman Energy & Water Conference to be an invaluable source of the latest business intelligence and technical knowledge, whether obtained from our expert speakers or in one-to-one meetings with your peers from around the world at the exhibition.

Oman Energy & Water Conference will provide comprehensive information on industry hot topics and opportunities for energy and resource recovery in our modern changing world. The technical program is structured to benefit all attendees, offering valuable learning opportunities to both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the field. The conference will emphasize putting ideas into action – moving forward on policy and practice.

It is designed to challenge thinking and spur creativity. Attendees will take away new ideas, new relationships, and increased motivation to contribute to addressing these integrated challenges in new ways.

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