Panel Discussion – 18 April 2018 Technology of Today – Lifestyle of Tomorrow


Technologies are now combining new ways of improving performance and productivity, offering benefits as well as challenges to which the people must respond. Leaders in both the public and private sectors must acknowledge the transformation and implications of rapid technological change and need to fine tune organizational strategies in the face of continuous evolution, ensure that their organisations always look ahead, and use technologies to improve performance. The impact of technology will become pervasive in the not too distant future, influencing our choice of where we live, what we use and how we operate, in effect defining the way we live, study, work and rest.

This Panel Discussion will combine perspectives from government, business and academic representatives on three top technology themes: Autonomous transport, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Smart home technologies. It will address the convergence of new policy, regulations, products, processes and usage of breakthrough technology that will make technology adoption normative in tomorrow’s world.

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