Power to the Cloud 2016

Slow global economic growth and geopolitical uncertainties are increasingly mounting stress on emerging market economies. Low oil prices are forcing many Middle Eastern countries to review spending plans. Technology offers governments and businesses opportunities to do more with less. Increased use of smart technologies allows organizations to not only improve efficiencies, but also drive innovation. Innovation through digital transformation is becoming critical to developing parity or differentiation from competition. Urban management authorities are seeing that smart city technologies enable greater services efficiency, better infrastructure utilization, improved citizen services and long term sustainability. As a result, the adoption of technologies such as cloud, “smart things”, and big data analytics is expected to increase at a rapid rate over the next few years. The mash up and integration of various technologies and capabilities will be key, and developing partnerships and ecosystems to build and sustain digital, smart solutions will become imperative.

Following the stupendous success of ‘Power to the Cloud’ 2012, 2013 & 2014 Schneider Electric’s ‘Power to the Cloud 2016’ will bring to you these new age topics and much more in 2 days of conference and 5000 sqm of exhibition. Join Industry Leaders, IOT professionals and Smart City Experts from diverse segments like IT, Telco, Oil & Gas, Hotels, Utilities, Banking, etc who will address key challenges and opportunities brought about by the latest technology developments. [Read more]