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Saudi Arabia is planning a national program to optimise water and energy consumption, and intends to reduce subsidies for fuel, power and water. Major restructuring of the kingdom’s energy and water sectors will take place as part of the Saudi vision 2030. The drive towards energy efficiency provides the perfect impetus to retrofit buildings of all types to improve energy and water efficiency.

Saudi Arabia aims to reduce electricity and water subsidies by 200 billion riyals ($53 billion) and reduce non-oil subsidies by 20% by 2020. Peak electricity load in Saudi Arabia has been rising by 7% every year. It is projected to increase by 32% by 2020, and more than double by 2032 and the total investment needed to meet this demand may exceed (US$90 billion). While the increase needs to be catered to, there is an opportunity for collaboration between government, private sector and solution providers to reduce energy by applying smart building standards, retrofitting existing building to balance the energy mix.

RetrofitTech KSA 2017 will give an update of KSA’s national energy efficiency programme and will gather regional and global industry experts to share case studies on the strategies to achieve the desired reduction in energy demand and increase in ROI. This industry-leading platform will share the most innovative and advanced international practices in energy efficiency, retrofitting and new technologies to promote them to an audience of policy makers, private sector leaders, scientists, researchers and engineers within Saudi Arabia.


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