The Green Business Summit 2018

Protecting the environment is a global priority and it is as urgent in the Middle East and North Africa region as it is anywhere else in the world. Dramatic economic growth has at times been detrimental to the fragile natural environment. There is a rising call for a change in mindset, advancing the notion that the economy and the environment go hand in hand.

This event will convene senior government officials, business leaders, policymakers, scientists, academics, and investors, to offer them concrete strategies and ideas to help them to prepare for the future, and scale up their efforts towards ensuring sustainability. How can regional policymakers apply lessons learnt across the globe to their country’s sustainability plans? What must business leaders do to scale up action from responsibility to leadership? What role does the financial industry have to play in encouraging green investment? What research is needed to stimulate eco-innovation, and how can scientific evidence and models facilitate better decision making? We will be discussing these topics and many more during the forum.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, minister of climate change and the environment, UAE
  • Dr. Khaled Mohamed Fahmy Abdel Aal, minister of the environment, Egypt
  • Dr. Mohamed Mubarak Bin Daina, chief executive, Supreme Council for the Environment, Bahrain
  • Dr. Vladimir Ryabinin, executive secretary, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
  • Dame Polly Courtice, director, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
  • Badr Jafar, chief executive officer, Crescent Enterprises
  • Sean Kidney, founder, Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Mark Campanale, founder, Carbon Tracker
  • Michael Tran, director of Global Energy Strategy, RBC

Join 350+ industry leaders and policymakers who are at the forefront of the sustainability agenda across the world. Have your say discussing the challenges and opportunities in the global effort to protect the environment, ensuring that business has a part in it too.

Join us and you will;

  • Network with business leaders, policymakers, scientists, academics, and investors
  • Share strategies and ideas on how to become more sustainable
  • Review international policies and how they can be implemented within the region
  • Discuss the role of the finance industry in encouraging the adoption of climate finance and of environmental impact investing

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