The Solar Dispatchability Challenge: Identifying the Best Technologies to Secure Ready Dispatchability to Renewable Energy

With more solar entering the grid at record low prices, the future of energy is renewable. But as more peak load electricity enters the system, batteries and storage become essential for load shifting and to maintain the integrity of the grid. So, what are the most promising technologies developing that allow grids to manage energy loads? Will the solution be maximizing one of those technologies?

This webinar analyses in depth the impact on the dispatch to the grid of thermal storage, cool storage and batteries among other technologies. These are different approaches to resolve the same challenge of shifting energy from when it is produced to when it is needed – at the lowest possible cost.

  • Hear about the importance of solar dispatchability from the grid operators and utilities’ point of view – how do different technologies differ in terms of relationship to the grid?
  • Understand how the quality, quantity, continuity and predictability of energy dispatch from storage is key to secure the grid stability, and how this is secured by different technologies
  • The inside track of lithium ion, thermal storage, cool storage and other technologies – how their profiles change in terms of dispatchability


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