Webinar: PV end-of-life management – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Solar PV installations are booming, bringing much-needed clean and affordable energy to consumers worldwide. On the flipside, a colossal amount of waste is resulting from mushrooming PV installations; by 2016 PV waste figures were estimated between 43,000 and 250,000 metric tonnes and by 2050 PV waste could amount to 78 million metric tonnes. In this webinar, industry experts will provide you with crucial analysis on the measures that are being taken to ensure that PV remains sustainable at the end of its useful life.

  • Learn about the business opportunities that will result from the need to recycle PV
  • Get an overview of regulations in the main PV markets in terms of lifecycle of components and materials
  • Breakthroughs that could reduce PV waste or dramatically improve recycling

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