Webinar: What Big Data means for the power generation industry

Investments by the Power Generation sector on big data have ballooned by a factor of 10, according to industry experts. This isn’t surprising, considering that high performance data storage and processing has become cheaper and more powerful than ever.

Energy companies have realized that this represents an unparalleled opportunity to derive value from aggregating and analyzing billions of data points.

In this webinar, you will hear about the main trends shaping the use of big data in power generation.

  • Understand the potential value to the energy industry of big data management, forecasting and machine learning to streamline operations, and what obvious niches of value exist today
  • New business models – evaluate how big data and advanced analytics are triggering the development of new business models and what that means to your company
  • Hear real case studies of how specific energy companies are unearthing value from their big data and building teams ready to harness its increasing value

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