Webinar: What the Internet of Energy (IoE) means to power generation, transmission and distribution

The Internet of Energy (IoE for short) is the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology into distributed energy systems to optimize the efficiency of energy infrastructure and reduce wastage.

This webinar explores how the IoE is changing the industry to unearth more value from data and machine to machine (M2M) communication.

  • Understand the value IoE can add to grid-connected energy service, such as power monitoring, demand-side energy management, distributed storage, and renewable energy integration
  • Explore the value IoE can add to off-grid energy services and microgrids such as aggregator of “behind the meter” residential, commercial and industrial distributed energy resources (DERs); including rooftop solar PV, peak-demand energy storage, smart meters and data loggers
  • Is cybersecurity a big challenge for the IoE? How to build your IoE system with resilience in mind
  • Hear real life case studies of how companies utilize IoE technology in their operations to unlock value from their operations.

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