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About ESC
Environmental Solutions and Consultancy (ESC) is a consulting company headquartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Besides UAE, it has offices in India, Jordan, Singapore and the United Kingdom (UK). It is a part of Paradigm Pioneers Group of companies. ESC provides innovative solutions to industries, commercial establishments and government bodies in the areas such as environment, health and safety, sustainability, water and energy, third party inspection and certification etc. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and an expert team consisting of scientists, engineers, health and safety professionals.
Services Provided by ESC in the areas of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Power Generation Optimization Services
In collaboration with our technical partners, Energy Market Company of Singapore, ESC is providing Energy Optimization, Grid Planning and Congestion Management, Investment and Market Feasibility Analysis services. Energy optimization services aimed at improving generation dispatch. This is done through automated generation and dispatch process, train staff in usage and maintenance of generation units. We have experience in providing optimization technologies, systems and tools.

Energy Auditing & Retrofit services
ESC is providing energy efficiency services with technical assistance from The Energy and Resources Institute in doing Energy Audits to public and private sector facilities. The primary objective of Energy Auditing services is to identify the areas where energy is wasted occurring and where scope for improvement exists to reduce energy consumption without affecting the operations or production. We also provide benchmarks for managing energy in various sectors.

Demand Side Management services
In association with Diamond Energy, Singapore ESC is providing services in electricity demand management. This allows consumers to reduce or shift their power usage for payment during peak demand or during forced outages. Demand response helps to stabilize the electricity grid from abnormal events. It helps to lower operational cost of utilities through revenue generating Demand response projects while contributing to sustainable development.

Renewable Energy & Solar street lighting services
ESC, is contributing to expand the horizon of sustainability within the region by designing client specific solar power plants of various capacity. ESC has implemented Sharjah’s first ‘Solar Street Light’ project, where we have installed 600 LED fixtures covering 20km stretch of road.

Green Building services
ESC in collaboration with technical partners designed Sharjah’s first green buildings at Hamriyah Free Zone. It is in its last leg of completion and expected to achieve LEED platinum certification. ESC is working on several such green initiatives including commercial and residential projects that will improve the quality of life in line with the vision of promoting sustainable development.

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