Green Parking

GreenParking: the leading brand for modern, efficient and integrated mobility and parking solutions

GreenParking™ as part of The FutureLink Group has been the premier supplier of environmentally friendly car parking solutions in the UAE since 1996. GreenParking™ has become one of the leading suppliers of Parking Services and Smart eMobility Solutions Provider with over 20 years expertise in the ME region. In fact, GreenParking ™ is the only one-stop-shop for the full range of your parking needs: design, consulting, supply & installation, operations, valet parking and investment.

GreenParking™ is a respected SME company and was ranked eight out of the hundred best performing SMEs at the latest Dubai 100 SME Award.

GreenParking™’s mission is to design and produce tailor-made systems that are green, energy efficient and effective. GreenParking™ provides a full range of products and services that are constantly updated to meet all car parking needs and add value to the properties.

The award-winning Parking Management System used by GreenParking™ is noted for the contactless cards, long-range cards for VIPs as well as ParkChip technology, a smart system that replaces paper parking tickets with recyclable ParkChips bringing both financial and environmental rewards! Visitors can now also enter and exit the GreenParking™ car parks seamless with the GreenParking™ smartphone app and the integration of various modern payment technologies, in addition to the traditional cash or credit card payment option.

GreenParking™ has also developed the ultra-modern mobile automated parking system, MobiPark. Thanks to its customized software it allows carparks to be managed even when no parking equipment has been installed! This makes MobiPark attractive for small carparks as well as for valet services.

With a focus on environmental-friendly technologies, GreenParking™ is also providing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging stations, as well as the state-of-the-art back-end software. Integrating such EV Charging solutions with its existing parking services and major car manufacturers will enable value-added features such as identification and reservation of green parking spaces displayed on car onboard information systems, crucial for all future EV-solutions.

As pioneering supplier of EV Charging stations in the UAE market GreenParking™ has already installed over 200 GreenParking™ chargers across UAE and Oman with the expectation to substantially increase the number within the coming years. The GreenParking™ network of EV Charging stations allows electrical car owners to travel through the Emirates and cross-border all the way to Muscat.

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