Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a global organization, 4,000 strong, powered by the belief that a better world is possible. It helps people survive and get back on their feet when natural disaster strikes, economies collapse or conflict erupts. And where there are chronic threats to peace and progress, it partners with communities to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Mercy Corps live and work in more than 40 countries facing the world’s toughest challenges. It has no political or religious agenda. For more than three decades, it has learned and grown alongside extraordinary people—more than 190 million individuals who understand their own needs better than anyone else. Its experience shows they are best able to strengthen their communities from within. In everything it does, it looks for moments of transition to connect people to resources and expertise that can catalyze transformative change.

Together with its partners, Mercy Corps are realizing incredible impact. By linking big ideas, bold action and local insights, it can change the world.

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