Nurturing a Project

“Nurturing A Project”, as the name of the company suggests, focuses on consulting on all the major aspects of any project which will make it successful.

The main focus is on providing support and direction in Project Management & Sustainability. The main goal of the company to make a project sustainable, environmental and also be time bound and cost effective. We provide support throughout the life cycle of the project. The projects we deal with are all housing, industrial, oil & gas and transportation.

Project Management Consultancy

  • Complete Project Management solutions including Project Management control systems and Cost Management systems.
  •  Implementation of Project management information solutions to manage Engineering and Construction projects and also Oil & Gas Industries.
  • The solutions are based on Primavera Project Management and Primavera Contract Manager to manage projects.
  • Develop Best practices Documents for Government and Private Companies.
  • Earned Value based cost control reporting for Project monitoring.
  • Project Performance Evaluation & Reporting (CPI and SPI based)
  • Project management Consulting based on PMI standards and guidelines.
  • Oracle Certified Trainer for Primavera, Provide Basic and Advanced Training extensively, both at Public Level and Customized In-house trainings.
  • Preparation of 5 year Business plan.
  • Extension of Time (Claims & Change Management)
  • P6 Health Checkup
  • Preparation of Master Schedules

Sustainability Consultancy

The Sustainability Consultancy includes two major aspects – Green Building Consultancy and Environmental Planning Consultancy which would be designed for the accomplishment of a project. The company concentrates on shaping the construction Project so that they have no adverse effect on the earth.

Green Building consultancy

  • The first focus of Green Building Consultancy is to make sure that the harm made by the Buildings is less and at the same time Cost effective.
  • To address the unique need of a project by integrating the sustainable performance with other project objectives of all stakeholders.
  • To help develop features of the buildings which are beneficial for both the stakeholder and the occupant.

Environmental Planning Engineering Consultancy

  • To provide Expertise in a broad range of Environmental Technologies.
  • To guide the clients in maintaining the required standards and regulations of the local Authorities.
  • To help the companies in writing Environment Reports and Documents.
  • Site Visits are made and investigation is done on the environmental effect and necessary recommendations are made.


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