Clean Energy Policy Working Group

Policies and regulations for Clean Energy are unequally developed in the MENA region and in some cases they do not lead to strong market growth for various reasons. The objective of the Working Group is to recommend modifications of the policies and regulations in places where they are not adequate and to lobby for the development of such policies in places and countries where they do not exist at all.


The Policy Working Group aims to lobby various governmental organizations in the MENA region to educate them on what works well in some countries and what could be developed in addition to existing policies. It will also focus at recommending changes for regulations that are not resulting in market growth. The Working Group will focus on the preparation of white papers and policy recommendations to be published and presented to the relevant organizations. The Working Group will define its geographical focus priorities in the MENA region.


Working Group Members


Chairman, Clean Energy Business Council


CEO, Enerwhere


Partner, Dentons Dubai

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