The world is witnessing an energy transformation and clean energy revolution
Chairman of the CEBC
What We Do

The Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) is a non-profit, non governmental association that brings together leading local and international organizations in the MENA clean energy sector from both the private and public spheres. It is the only clean energy industry group to cover the MENA region.

CEBC is a leading forum for local, international corporations and government entities focused on the development and deployment of clean energy in the MENA region. We promote constructive dialogue and collective action by all stakeholders, in order to guide public policy and private investment in the region’s nascent clean energy sector.

CEBC constantly strives to provide its members with updates on the latest developments in clean energy policy, research, and technology and opportunities to grow their organizations and network with high-level industry players. CEBC is an accredited observer at the Green Climate Fund and partner of the UNDP, IRENA Coalition for Action and the Research Council of Oman and Masdar.

We are active throughout the MENA region with our Working Groups and Programmes, a range of events and networking opportunities, and by promoting connections between private and public sector organisations.


Leading forum

Establish a leading forum for companies and government entities focused on the development and deployment of clean energy in the MENA region;

Promote the clean energy

Promote the clean energy industry beginning to flourish in the region and inform the wider community of the benefits of the sector;

Collaborate with governments

Collaborate with government agencies and other stakeholders in policy development and regulation of this rapidly developing and exciting sector;

Strategic alliances

Develop a series of strategic alliances with research institutions, international associations, media and others to drive the delivery of clean energy solutions for MENA;

Data and information

Coordinate the gathering of data and information on the sector to ensure relevant benchmarking and transparency in the sectors development;

Assist governments

Support and assist governments, industry and the community in the region to meet low carbon targets and sustainability goals.