Sustainable Finance

The course aims to provide participants with a clear understanding of sustainable finance, sustainable business models, how sustainable investments are made, as well as the banking solutions available and the related climate change risks to consider and mitigate. The course therefore aims to provide participants with the necessary tools to implement sustainable financing solutions within their organizations. The course provides first a clear definition of sustainable finance in all its components as well as of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria which play a key role in it. It consequently deep dives in sustainable business models and the business strategies behind them, as a key pre-conditions for companies to become ready to face the transition towards full sustainability. Sustainable investments, the tools to carry them out and related market trends represent the second step in the training, so that participants can identify them and target them to assets or companies with sustainable business models. Finally, the course aims to prepare participants to understand banking and financing tools to sustainable investments or assets, trends and the drivers behind financial institutions and banks to provide such tools. It concludes with an overview of new risks emerging due to climate change and how these impact the insurance of assets, therefore representing another element to assess in sustainable finance. The course is designed and delivered in order to ensure the active engagement of the participants, with Q&A sessions and the possibility to further engage directly with the trainer.
Instructors :
STARTS:February 19, 2022
ENDS:February 22, 2022
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