Elements 2H2

Elements 2H2 is an SME created in 2021, providing support to developers and owners in project management/implementation and seawater desalination advisory within the water, green hydrogen, and port sectors.


At Elements 2H2, we are delivery-oriented with genuine concern and commitment to the welfare of the full-project cycle.

We emphasise on consistency, coherence and reliability of services as well as end-game outcomes.

Our value-add comes from our staff’s full-project-cycle experience in addition to values and ethics in project delivery – most specifically our committed and dedicated approach.


Some of the services we provide as resource addition to Owner / Consultant or as an independent Service Provider:

  • Initiation & Planning Phases Project Management and Integration,
  • Third Party Review / Risk Assessment and
  • Holistic SWRO Desalination Support (Technology-Supply Chain-Project Definition-Water/Marine/Energy/Environment Integration)