The Oil & Gas industry continues in its stride towards enabling a zero-carbon emission through service provider GPS in Oman by supporting the appointment of Enerwhere as a renewable temporary power provider for rigless activities.

Enerwhere’s trailer-mounted solution is an integrated software and solar-battery container solution that can be moved and re-deployed every two weeks. The entire system takes just two hours to deploy and has already been moved seven times since mobilization in Oman in early December 2021. This possibly makes it the most mobile solar system ever deployed for a commercial and industrial application!

Operating 8-10 hours on 100% renewable energy only, the hybrid system is currently achieving 50% renewable penetration on a 24-hour operation and is expected to increase over time.

An additional benefit is that noisy diesel generators can be turned off during daytime hours and silence is achieved for these 10 mobile cabins and their occupants for the first time on Block 61.

Enerwhere has consistently pushed boundaries but with the strong support of both the operator and GPS Oman, this is a remarkable global achievement that has the potential to change oil and gas operations in a way that immediately reduces emissions by over 50% – good for business and good for the planet.

About Enerwhere

ENERWHERE is at the forefront of energy transition in the GCC with the aim to revolutionize how energy is generated in the mining, construction, and oil and gas sectors. Enerwhere designs, builds, & operates, the world’s most advanced microgrids, committed to integrating renewable technologies in innovative ways for those without a grid connection.  Enerwhere has a proven track record of pushing boundaries for renewables globally including the world’s largest solar powered construction site, and the region’s first solar powered quarry.

The future of energy is distributed and digitalized and Enerwhere invests heavily in its own data and software application – Enlite. which uses high-resolution data analytics to assess each client’s energy requirements on a very high resolution and uses this information to tailor a complete energy solution using a combination of different power sources, including solar PV and batteries, supported by high-efficiency gas and diesel generators.

Enerwhere’s sustainable power solutions help clients across the construction, real estate, hospitality, mining, oil and gas & waste management industries to reduce fuel costs & carbon emissions while increasing the reliability of their operations.

Enerwhere estimates that it has reduced carbon emissions by over 20,000 tons of CO2 equivalent to date.

About GPS Oman

Gulf Petro Solutions LLC (GPS Oman) is 100% Omani Oil and Gas Company registered under Oman JSRS, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2015 certified and approved under Ministry of Oil and Gas, we serve Oil & Gas industries with the highest possible standards and thrive excellence in the services we provide. GPS specializes in Supply of Scaffolding, Trailer Mounted Porta Cabins, Chemicals and Supply and Rental of Heavy Equipment.

GPS Oman strives towards its goal on complying clean and green environmental acts to boost conservation and improved health and safety that includes good practices like informed consumption, conservation and investment in renewable energy. We support oil and gas industries to reduce fuel costs & carbon emissions while increasing reliability of their operations.

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