The Fairmont Palm is a world class 5-star hotel located on the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE. The 300 room beach resort includes a spa, conference center, penthouses and 7 food and beverage outlets. Built in 2013 it is an iconic landmark on the man-made island that sets the bar for quality guest experience and 5- star luxury in Dubai.

Due to the extreme environmental and weather conditions in Dubai, UAE, buildings consume large amounts of energy throughout the year. The high temperatures cause systems, consumption and cost to be a large part of hotel operations and costs, that have a material impact on the business, and the guests. Fairmont Hotel wanted to not only reduce this energy consumption and cost, but their overall impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. This in turn causes all guests to have a smaller footprint by staying at the luxury 5-star resort.


The nature of the luxury resort is that there is always a need to maintain comfort, cooling and guest satisfaction 24 hours a day, regardless of occupancy. Coupled with the ‘reverse cash flow’ problem hotels in the UAE face, where the occupancy and revenue is lower due to summer slow down, but at the same time is their highest energy consumption and costs. For these reasons Fairmont the Palm, and IFA Hotels wanted to take the steps to lead by example and become a high performing asset via a performance-based energy contract.

As a comprehensive, technology and engineering focused energy efficiency company (ESCO), with its base in Dubai, Taka Solutions was a perfect fit to help Fairmont the Palm achieve their ambitious targets. This, along with the strong financial capability of Taka Solutions to fully finance and invest in projects, or to guaranteed energy savings, locking in payback, cash flow and returns for the customer, created an attractive proposition.

Using a turn-key guaranteed savings energy performance contract Taka Solutions was able to apply innovative engineering and technology during the audit of the facility to find a total of 40 unique energy efficiency measures (EEMs) in the property that would save a total of 5,100,000 AED if implemented. The customer decided to start with four of the 40 proposed projects in 2016, with a forecasted savings of 1,300,000 AED per year.

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Member: Taka Solutions
Location: Dubai, U.A.E.
Surface Area: 90,000 m
Completed: Est. Q4 2018
Client: Fairmont the Palm
Link: Visit project or company website