Hugo Domingues

Hugo Domingues

General Manager, Enernouva

Hugo Domingues serves as the General Manager of Enernouva and holds the position of Regional Business Representative for Energie® in the Middle East. Leading Enernouva LLC, a UAE-based company established in 2016, he is dedicated to deploying energy-efficient turnkey solutions aimed at significantly reducing electricity consumption and carbon footprint across the Middle East region.

Among its portfolio, Enernouva is the master distributor for Energie® in the GCC – Specialized in Thermodynamic solar systems tailored for hot water applications.

A graduate of the Catolica University’s Porto Business School in Portugal. Mr. Domingues holds a master’s degree in Management.

Hugo Domingues commenced his professional journey developing high-tech safety products in the European market. Progressing in his career, he assumed the role of International Sales Manager at Energie, the world’s leading Thermodynamic Solar Products Company, expanding the brand’s global presence.

In 2016, he moved to the UAE to continue promoting awareness for thermodynamic solar energy products and overcoming regional constraints for the implementation of solar water solutions.

Passionate about energy efficiency and renewable energy, Mr. Domingues has been an active member of the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) since 2016. He has been an integral part of the CEBC Energy Efficiency Working Group since 2019 and collaborates with municipalities and government entities to develop green building guidelines, white papers, and reports.

Since 2017, this technology started to be implemented in the residential sector and prestigious hospitality and healthcare brands in the GCC. This technology, replacing traditional fossil fuel solutions like boilers or electrical heaters, has consistently reduced operational costs and carbon footprint by more than 80%. With over 300 projects deployed, including 22 high-profile hotels in the last five years, it demonstrates how seemingly small energy conservation measures can have a significant impact on the environment.