Electric Vehicle Infrastructure MENA: Landscape and Outlook post COVID 19 | 19 May 2020

This webinar is the 6th in our CEBC Clean Energy Webinar Series. In this webinar, our experts will talk about:

– Lessons learned from the European market

– A comparative study between the UAE and Jordan markets and the lessons learned from both markets

– Local case and global case studies that illustrate the necessity of EV infrastructure to achieve more efficiency

– The current challenges of the EV Infrastructure market in the UAE, along with proposed best practices and solutions to accelerate

Our experts at this webinar are:

– Stephan Gobert, CEBC Board Member and Senior Strategy Manager at ENGIE

– Torsten Hager, Innovation Manager – Energy Management at Hager Group

– Yarob Awwab, Regional Director of CATEC Mobility

– Abdelrahman Sami, Key Account Manager at Schneider Electric

– Sam Alawiye, CEO at GreenParking

– Moderated by Ridah Sabouni, Managing Director of Energetics MENA