Energy Efficiency in MENA: Status and Outlook

During this webinar, we launched our White Paper “Energy Efficiency in MENA: Status and Outlook”. This CEBC white paper is intended to serve as a resource for the MENA private sector, providing guidance to help MENA businesses best adapt for announced reforms and plan for future reforms. The report is also intended to be a source of information for governments to effectively prepare and provide guidance to citizens and businesses to best cope with the impacts of energy subsidy reforms.

This white paper is the second edition of the January 2018 CEBC report, Energy Efficiency in the GCC: Status and Outlook. The 2018 report included coverage on the MENA region buildings, industrial and transportation sectors, presenting an overview of energy efficiency developments, as well as recommendations for businesses and policymakers. The updates in this 2021 version include: – Updated electricity tariff data for the GCC countries. – The inclusion of three new countries to paint a more holistic picture of electricity tariffs in the region: Egypt, Jordan and Morocco. – Updated sectoral views of the buildings, industrial, and transportation sectors.

Download the white paper:…