Webinar “Tackling The Climate Emergency With Climate Finance” – EEG Panel Discussion

Emirares Environmental Group (EEG), in partnership with the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), is organizing its 3rd Panel Discussion of the year, held virtually on the 28th of July under the theme “Tackling the Climate Emergency with Climate Finance”. The panel discussion will focus on the urgent need for increasing government and private spending on crucial sectors such as health, education, infrastructure, and climate change as well as open up a dialogue about the financial opportunities in the UAE that can be diverted towards combatting climate change. In October 2019, the UN announced the formation of Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance (GISD), a platform that encompasses 30 influential leaders from the corporate world who will work together over the next two years in a bid to free up trillions of dollars from the private sector to finance the SDGs. Large financial institutions including the World Bank have also advocated for climate finance and other forms of green stimulus as part of COVID-19 recovery plans as the pandemic and climate change crisis are interlinked. It is hoped that these investments will create new markets opportunities in healthcare, education and other social development sectors. It is also hoped that this will address long-term risks arising from climate change, promote wider socio-economic benefits and minimise social and environmental harm