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Coronavirus and the region’s energy sector

Confirmed speakers:  Rajit Nanda, CIO, Acwa Power  Rob Harker, Partner, DLA Piper  Coronavirus and the region’s energy sector  Impact of the current covid-19 crisis on the delivery of power in the Middle East and North Africa.  With the world facing an unprecedented challenge in dealing with the biggest health crisis for a century, what impact is the […]

Energy Storage and Renewables in the Off-grid Space in MENA

Energy storage is playing an increasingly larger role with projections of installations expecting exponential growth. The Middle East is one of the largest energy storage markets in the world but currently imports all of its storage needs. The webinar will talk about the future of energy storage in the MENA region. In this webinar, ACWA […]

Webinar: The GCC Insight: Pioneering the Future of Mobility 2020

Join us for the latest updates on the mobility market in the GCC. This webinar taking place on April 9th at 2pm GST, will explore notable digital initiatives, projects and emerging opportunities in the GCC region across transport infrastructure, urban planning and smart mobility. We will be joined by Keith Kiely, Du Telecom who will […]

6th Annual Retrofit Tech MENA Summit

We are pleased to endorse the Retrofit Tech MENA Summit taking place from 6-7 April 2020 in Dubai, UAE. As an esteemed member of Clean Energy Business Council, you are entitled for a 10% discount to attend this Summit. Use code NK309035 when registering to avail this exclusive offer. Book online now or email us on to secure your seat. Over the past 5 […]

Smarter Mobility World Conference 2020

There is a real need to reduce carbon emissions, improve on decongesting the roads, and reduce air pollution. Not only does smarter mobility help reduce the environmental impact of moving people and products from A to B, but there are clear social and economic benefits from providing a more inclusive mobility system. SMW 2020  brings […]